Wisior zielono-biały
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Ten wisior powstał w ramach rzucenia sobie samej wyzwania. Miałam ceramiczny, bardzo niepozorny kaboszon, na który dawno temu brakło mi pomysłu. Teraz - z większym doświadczeniem podeszłam do tematu raz jeszcze i efekt tej pracy widzicie na powyższych zdjęciach. 






Green and white pendant with a ceramic cabochon. It is a perfect idea for a gift. The pendant is impregnated, which helps to keep it clean.  

There is a story behind it. I challanged myself to create a piece of jewellery out of a cabochon of this colour. It was difficult for me to say if it's more brown or gray or something else. I decided to go for green cords to fit it in Earth colours. I am absolutely satisfied with the final result. 


Elements used in jewellery:
Ceramic cabochon, Toho beads, jasper, Polish cords, Czech cords, leather


The back of the jewellery is finished with brown leather.


Height: 5cm (2 in)

Width: 6cm (2,35 in)

Weight: 14g


The jewellery is impregnated and packed in an elegant eco-friendly box, which enables you to store it safely and for many years.*

Each package includes information on how to take care of jewellery made in this technique. 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.
I also make jewellery for individual orders.

Eco-friendly box:
Boxes are fitted with an insert made from Tall oil - a by-product from paper production. The boxes use FSC®-certified cardboard and water-based glue. The boxes are produced in Denmark.